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BAR Pasticceria Gelateria TRANI
di La Notte Mauro & C snc
via Imbriani, 60
70052 Bisceglie (BT)
t. 080/392.19.84
P.IVA 05949740723

30° Anniversario





    |    La Pasticceria Bar Trani è lieta di deliziarvi.......
God created the desserts, the hell with the pastry chefs.
Since 1980, Mauro La Notte releases, the streets of Bisceglie, between the old town and the center of the country, traditional flavors.
Tradition, valor, purity and a bit of culture are the ingredients, until well mixed in the laboratories of Bar Pasticceria Trani, unique products made in oysters.
The fruit of our work strictly according to traditional recipes of master pastry chef Mauro La Notte, was originally far more 'endorsed in the past the town of Bisceglie, rediscovering those moves and tricks that are still alive in marzipan, taralli, cookies, wisdom and sighs.
The talent and skill of all those who are part of this large family (see photo from left. To right: Mara Losada assistant pastry chef, Di Mauro Tarallificio Lecce, Mauro La Notte 1, baker, pastry chef Mauro Lampedecchia) in Bar Pasticceria make Trani not only unique, but our results incomparable.
Pastries, fresh, salt and ice cream are part of the vast range of unique opportunities for those who "taste" follows him and knows all the variables of a lifestyle accessible to all who wish Magiar healthy with a touch of delicacy in the most '.






The pastry tradition has ancient roots from Puglia that make the product a unique .........

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Tradition Pugliese

Where does the word tarallo, it is not known with certainty. So the hypotheses abound: some say from the Latin word "tower" (toast ).........

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Our Culture

The town of Bisceglie, thanks to the wealth of monuments, churches, farmhouses and typical dolmen, lends itself very well to the writing of tracks ........

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...assaggiali con gli occhi...

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